About Argosy

With an idea and a Visa card, Argosy was born in 1994 in the garage of David Atkins. As a musician and home studio owner, David dreamed of having an amazing creative space built around a large recording console that was not only functional, but beautiful. At that time, recording equipment was rapidly evolving. 

High-quality mixers and signal processing gear were becoming affordable and the ability to achieve excellent recordings was coming within reach of nearly everyone. As this new technology was becoming readily available, it seemed to lack traditional aesthetics and integration. David saw this problem first hand in his home studio. With all of his gear sitting on a table, it didn’t look impressive or comfortable. Instead, it looked confusing and almost hazardous. 

This gave David an idea. He set out and built a furniture piece in his garage, not knowing what would come of it. This furniture piece included a padded armrest, a monitor bridge, rack space, and of course, some desk area. This design allowed him to put his Mackie 8.bus mixer, compressors, delays, etc. neatly into a console enclosure that looked and felt like it belonged in a professional studio. This creation was the genesis of Argosy. 

Having created a solution to his problem, David could have stopped there. But, a simple phone call to “Recording Magazine” changed everything. Intrigued by David’s invention, the woman on the other end of the phone requested to see photos. Approximately six weeks after that initial phone call, the October 1994 issue of “Recording”, hit the stands. At the end of a three page article about studio furniture, was a grainy black and white photo of David’s console. Along with the photo was a footnote that said “How’s this for a slogan - Makes your Mackie 8.bus look like an SSL”.

With that, the days of generic desks and stands are past. Today, Argosy offers a wide selection of studio furniture designed to inspire the heart as well as the mind. Argosy provides you with a service, not just a product. A balance of technology and creativity combine to result in flexible innovative, and inspiring furniture solutions.

Everyone here at Argosy is committed to a philosophy of providing outstanding client service. If you would like one-on-one help, our product specialists are available toll-free at 1(800).315.0878 for in-depth assistance. We would love to hear from you!

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