The Aura Desk

Escape the Complexity.

The Ideal Workstation Environment

Energize your creativity and workflow with your own personal command center, featuring essential rack mount gear close at hand, rackspace above and below, and sliding accessory drawers.

Aura260S Accessories | Aura260S Specifications

Aura260 Accessories | Aura260 Specifications

AURA.260S (Sit-Stand) AURA.260 (Standard)

Personal Workstation Redefined

The Aura 520 creates the ultimate environment for screen based activity and puts everything at your fingertips in one sleek, functional, wrap-around workstation.

Aura520S Accessories| Aura520S Specifications

Aura520 Accessories | Aura520 Specifications

AURA.520S (Sit-Stand) AURA.520 (Standard)