Backwoods Recording Studio

We appreciated your outstanding customer service!

We purchased the Dual 15-803 in 2017 for its outstanding reputation and a size perfect to enhance our Control Room.  Workflow has been more productive with easy access for my racked gear. No clutter and its appearance states a professional presence. It’s the main statement in our studio that needs no words but speaks to all levels of musical talent who walk through our doors.  When not recording, it’s the perfect setting to discuss projects while maintaining a professional visual and continued mind set of a quality environment.  For the more experienced client, who know Argosy, it validates the seriousness of doing things right.

Since our purchase we have had an increase in studio projects. Statistics state a high percentage of clients will pay for a great production, however add the atmosphere of an Argosy to your studio, it’s a sure thing. Almost every client who records here, request to have their picture taken at our Argosy Console! Actions speak louder than words.  It’s clear it made an impression!  We have a great internet presence, our clientele is growing, they leave but return more frequently and they share their experience and bring new clients!  It’s a win – win!

“Every Business is a self-portrait of the person who owns it. Autograph your work with excellence” – Ours was an Argosy Dual 15-803!

Backwoods Recording Studio is a Nashville recording studio for songwriters, independent artists and musicians in competitive Music City.  We specialize in Country, Americana, Acoustic and Gospel. Our clients seek an experience of high-quality recording services from acclaimed professionals with deep industry experience.  They expect a true studio experience and our Argosy Dual 15-803 purchase has met their expectations.