Welcome to South of Town Music & Mix

South of Town Music & Mix is a professional project studio in suburban Nashville. The studio is designed around Pro Tools HD and blended with outboard equipment from Universal Audio, Solid State Logic, Focal and others, all organized around an Argosy desk. The studio combines the best of DAW centric software with the analogue mix bus of an SSL Sigma and SSL Nucleus2 DAW control.

 Inspired by the acoustic principles of minimizing early reflections of near field monitoring, South of Town Music and Mix owner Robert Wood selected the Argosy Eclipse Gen2 Universal Workstation and Eclipse ER10 Rack as the centerpiece for his small format, hybrid studio design.

How the Argosy Eclipse has made a difference

 I wanted to organize and optimize my studio for the best mixing environment possible within the given space. I selected the Eclipse Universal workstation because I required a low profile desk with a minimal acoustic footprint, sufficient rack mounting depth, and proper rack angles for visual and tactile workflow.   The Eclipse Rail system allows me to re-position my iMac display further back and between the near field monitors during periods of critical mixing or listening. This greatly expanded the mixing sound field and eliminated early reflections. I also found a physical workflow advantage by optimizing mixing gear in the left rack and recording gear in the right. The addition of an ER10 “side car” gave me flexibility in cabling and rack space for growth. Everything is functional, sturdy, and beautiful.  This desk met my need for a minimally acoustic footprint while providing the physical workflow and aesthetic that any professional studio should display.