The 50-70-90 V-Series Workstation

Flexible, Versatile, and Fully Integrated.

The Universal Workstation

The largest of the Universal V-Series, the 90 V-Series has a length of 89.5 inches. Padded armrests, steel leg assembly, modular rack and desk inserts for flexible layout, expansive desk space... the 90 V-Series will bring you one step closer to your dream studio.

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Add Versatility to Your Console.

The 70 V-Series console system provides the most versatility with its wide range of rack and desk modules. Choose your configurations and style to create the perfect workspace for you.

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Flexibility to Adapt.

Perfect for any space, the 50 V-Series has a length of 47.5 inches. Unleash the power of your rack equipment by bringing it right into the console environment. The 50 V-Series console system provides versatility with options including rack module, trim panel, and rack style.

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